Beating Corrosion in South Texas

South Texas is one of the most corrosive environments in the world. Our hypersaline Laguna Madre and general proximity to the large Gulf of Mexico is the ultimate test for building materials. We’ll discuss ways to combat the elements and ultimately save your home or company time and money by installing materials that are designed for our climate.

If you’ve ever spent any amount of time near the water you’ll find that your skin develops a sticky layer of salt. You may have even noticed a film of salt crystals form on your vehicle! Now, imagine this same process built up over years of exposure on metal and wood structures! Drive around any South Padre or Corpus Christi building older than a year old and you’ll quickly see rust stains, paint damage, and wood rot.

Keeping costs low is a definite concern that we should all understand many times takes priority in larger projects. However, I’d love to see more clients moving toward sustainable products that look cleaner, last longer, and have a real structural benefit over typical steel and lumber counterparts. Enter STRONGWELL.

STRONGWELL is a successful, private company that manufactures pultruded fiberglass products. The pultrusion process is capable of producing everything from beautiful architectural products to high strength structural beams that substitute for steel.

Strongwell’s most popular architectural products include STRONGRAIL, SAFPLANK, and SAFDECK. STRONGRAIL, is a precision pultruded fencing and handrail system that easily outperforms aluminum and wood alternatives. It comes ready for install with minimal onsite fab. Choose from a number of UV resistant factory colors and you’ll quickly understand the labor savings associated with its quick install. SAFPLANK and SAFDECK are Strongwell’s answer to the fast warping, quick fading decking used by most. If you’re looking for a product that wont rot, mold, mildew, or warp….look no further.

Strongwell also produces a wide array of structural components such as prefab foam core structures. These high performance components can completely eliminate the use of wood and steel for structures that require quick install in austere or hazardous environments.

To learn more about Strongwell for residential and commercial applications, please email Chris Castillo

Till next time!