Two Principles Behind Tiny Homes That You Need To Apply to Your Home

Two Principles Behind Tiny Homes That You Need To Apply to Your Home

Tiny homes have been growing in popularity over the last decade. Originally a symbol of civil disobedience and a way to stick it to the “man”, tiny homes have become mainstream. In this article we’ll discuss two main principles behind tiny homes and how you can apply them to your home without quitting your job, destroying your life, and moving to the Arizona desert.

In our experience, tiny homes can be a great asset to families or organizations that are seeking something of greater architectural benefit than a travel trailer. Tiny homes are generally fun projects that can provide a great learning experience for individuals or families. These sub 250 sq ft dwellings are most often placed on a flat trailer bed but can also be a stationary structure such as a built out shipping container.

Let’s take a look at the two core principles of tiny homes and how incorporating them into your primary residence can positively impact quality of life.

Tiny Home Principle 1 - Multi Purpose Space

Tiny homes have very small square footage. In order to make this work, spaces overlap. Living rooms dual purpose as kitchens and bed rooms serve as storage when not in use. However, we do not recommend doing yoga on your kitchen island. Here are some practical improvements that can add value to your space.

Consider removing a traditional bed from a guest room and add something like a Lower Weston Murphy Bed. This fold down, wall mount bed retracts upward against the wall when not in use. This will free up an entire room worth of space! Welcome to your new yoga center, kung fu dojo, or kids learning room. You’re welcome.

There are infinite possibilities to make your space more useful for you. Have fun and be creative! Just stay away from common mistakes like placing an office desk in your bedroom or leaving work out equipment on your kitchen floor. This is generally ill advised.

Tiny Home Principle 2 - Know Your Space Intimately

You cannot ignore any inch of your tiny home. The fact is no matter where you stand you can likely reach the other side in less than 5 steps. This forces people to engage their 4 walls and everything in between regularly. Each square inch is prized real estate that must serve a profound purpose.

If we could incorporate this attitude towards our homes imagine the organization, cleanliness, and peace that would result. You could sleep better knowing that your spare room closets aren’t filled with clothes you never wear or luggage that hasn’t been used in 10 years! The possibilities!

Start slowly and take stock of your situation. Most of us have closets and garages that would send Marie Kondo into a deep dark spiral of existential despair. Choose ONE ROOM or ONE CLOSET and ask, “How can I make this work best for me?”.

We hope you choose to learn more about tiny homes. There are many lesson to be learned that don’t mean a drastic lifestyle change. Learn from the concept, incorporate the spirit, and you’ll find that you’re home square footage can be much better tailored to your family’s needs.

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